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 How do I buy vehicles from Quality Assurance?

Quality Assurance offers 2 purchase types on all vehicles: either BUY IT NOW or by having the highest bid at one of Quality Assurance affiliate auctions.  Each vehicle will display a tab that notes how it is being sold.  

'Buy it Now' vehicles are offered by the seller at a set price.  These units are available for immediate purchase.  You are invoiced in full for the unit and as soon as the invoice is settled, the unit is available for pickup or delivery can be arrange immediately.

 'Current Bid’ or Auction vehicles are generally sold to the highest bidder who meets any minimum reserve price set by the auction.  Quality Assurance operates as a broker to provide non-licensed public buyers access to licensed dealer-only auctions. We currently do not have any online bidding, so all bids must be submitted over the phone/email/or on message board available once you register online.  We will then present that bid to the auction. If the vehicle is won you will receive a notification that you have won and an invoice will be sent. When payment is made, pick-up or delivery can be arranged immediately and the paperwork will be processed to transfer ownership of the vehicle to you. 

How do the auctions work?

Quality Assurance Auction use a proxy pre-bidding system, whereby you provide us the maximum amount you are willing to pay, and we bid as little as needed to win the vehicle. We will only bid up to your proxy bid amount. Think of this as having a personal buyer attend the auction for you, with instructions to bid only up to some specified amount.   

Can you tell me more about a particular auction vehicle?

All information we have on a vehicle is provided to us by the auction location and displayed on the website. We have no further information available, and for that matter, we cannot attest to the information that is provided. There is inherent risk in buying auction vehicles, and all are SOLD AS IS WHERE IS WITH NO WARRANTY EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED. 

However in all cases, you are be able to inspect any of the units prior to the actual date of the sale. If interested, contact us to schedule an inspection. 

When will I be notified of winning or losing?

In most cases, we will notify you of winning/losing an auction within a few hours, or as long as 24 hours of the pre-bidding close time. However, there may be times a final determination takes longer. For example, you may have the highest bid, but it is below the seller's reserve price and the seller is preparing a counter-offer. 


Can Quality Assurance ship a car I purchased somewhere else?

YES! Quality Assurance has a separate shipping department that can arrange both inland and overseas shipping for your vehicle. Our prices are competitive and our shipping times can't be beat.  Call us now for a shipping quote. 

If we did not answer your question above, please contact us by emailing us at or phone at (888) 259.6611