How to place your order on QA?- Simple Guide

This article will show you how easily you can search, buy, and ship your dream car from QA. Follow these steps and finalize your order.

Step 1:

To find your desired car, you can either search it on the top search bar on the site or check our latest added inventory here.

Step 2:

Check the car and its condition, and in case of choosing it, click on "Buy Now."

Step 3:

In this step, you will fill your info & shipping details. Carefully fill out the info, especially the country & state, because it will affect the shipping price.

Step 4:

After you fill out the shipping info, the site will calculate the shipping price and add it to the final price. If you have a promotion code, you have to put it in this step. The site automatically reduces the amount from your invoice.

Important notice:

All the checkouts on our site are manual, which means you don't need to make an online payment. You put the order and finalize it. Just after that, we will contact you and send an email that contains the banking details.

Step 5:

Check your info for the last time and finalize your order by clicking on "Place Order."

Step 6:

That's it. It is that simple. The site will redirect you to the thank you page. It means you successfully placed your order.

What is next?

Please wait for our sales expert to contact you. They will provide you with the necessary info.


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