Kia Sorento vs Ford Explorer + Compare Ford and Kia in 5 Categories

Kia Sorento offers an energetic turbocharged powertrain and handles winding roads with poise. At the same time, Ford Explorer has a lineup of potent turbocharged engines, gets good gas mileage, and delivers a smooth ride. Both cars are reliable on the road; however, which one is a better choice for you? This article discusses Kia Sorento vs Ford Explorer in five different categories. Let's get to them:

In this guide:

  • Kia Sorento vs Ford Explorer Comparison

  • Ford Explorer and Kia Sorento Engines

  • Kia Sorento vs Ford Explorer Fuel Economy

  • Ford Explorer and Kia Sorento Exterior and Interior Designs

  • Kia Sorento vs Ford Explorer Safety Features

  • Ford Explorer and Kia Sorento Pricing

  • Conclusion

Kia Sorento vs Ford Explorer Comparison

Are you trying to decide between the KIA Sorento and the Ford Explorer? If so, here's a thorough Kia Sorento vs Ford Explorer comparison that we want to share with you to help you for a better decision.

Hopefully, you won't make the mistake of choosing the wrong car. Let's take a closer look at them:

Ford Explorer and Kia Sorento Engines

Arriving sometime in the US sometime in 2021, the latest Kia Sorento brings a ton to the table as an SUV. This model promises to deliver fantastic performance, exceptional connecting, and other great features.

However, it's not alone on the market, mainly when you take the previous SUVs into account. The new Ford Explorer was one of the fine new models to come out, giving a ton of innovation right out of the gate. Its base transmission and horsepower stand out from the rest, making it a primed model for comparison against the new Kia Sorento.

Then we come down to the warranty category. If you think the Ford has a better warranty than the all-new KIA Sorento, think again! The new KIA Sorento comes standard with an unbelievable 100000 mile or 120 months, limited time Power-Train Warranty.

When you get an all-new KIA Sorento, you also get a 60000 mile or 60 months limited-time Basic Manufacturer Warranty. On the other hand, the all-new Ford Explorer only offers a limited time 60000 mile or 60 months limited time Power-Train Warranty, backed by a 36000 mile or 36 months limited time Basic Manufacturer Warranty. In this category, Ford Explorer is the winner!

Kia Sorento vs Ford Explorer Fuel Economy

The old days are gone, and gas pricing is rising. Nothing is more frustrating than seeing your fuel tank on empty right after you filled it up. So, why disappoint yourself with Ford Explorer when you could enjoy the excellent fuel economy of the KIA Sorento.

The KIA Sorento comes equipped with a higher fuel economy than the Ford Explorer and a larger fuel tank so that you can make every drive count. You can save more bucks per mile in KIA Sorento than you ever could save in a Ford Explorer. How?

It's simple. The new KIA Sorento comes standard with a one-of-a-kind ECO Mode System and an AC System to help you maximize your fuel economy. Yes, the winner in this category is Kia Sorento.

Ford Explorer and Kia Sorento Exterior and Interior Designs

The new Sorento, which is the fourth-generation of this mark and model, represents a leap forward toward the future; it's engineered to maximize driving stability in all environments. Sorento is becoming more robust, more assertive, and bolder.

The sharper, more assertive appearance in this car is complemented by a comprehensive, rectangular lower air intake, bookended by wing-shaped air curtains to channel air around the vehicle. The new model is more extensive than the third-generation Sorento.

On the other hand, the new Explorer's driving dynamics come wrapped in an eye-catching design that boasts authentic comfort and style. The Ford company built this car for the active lifestyle, so you can also expect an interior space that accommodates the kids, the pet, the sports equipment, and anything else you may need on the road to exploration.

The Ford Explorer grew some inches longer and wider on a new frame due to a subtle redesign. The optional V-8 got 53 more horsepower, paired with a new six-speed transmission.

Electronic stability control and tire pressure monitoring became standard. So the Ford Explorer can be counted as the winner in this category.

Kia Sorento vs Ford Explorer Safety Features

The new KIA Sorento comes standard with advanced safety and security features; it also has a high-strength steel body structure. The KIA Sorento is awarded five stars by the NHTSA and earned a Top Safety Pick Award from the IIHS.

If you want to own an SUV that gives you more confidence and peace of mind on the road, the KIA Sorento is the perfect SUV for you and your loved ones.

Ford Explorer and Kia Sorento Pricing

When we need to buy a new vehicle, most of us start thinking about providing and paying for it. Often we begin planning it all out and saving up beforehand. However, what if you could keep some of your hard-earned money and buy the SUV of your dreams?

When you buy the new KIA Sorento, you can save a lot. It almost gives you everything you would expect to find in the Ford Explorer, for less. The most enjoyable part is, the more you drive this car, the more you save.

If you want to save your money and time, check out the KIA Sorento. Plus, it's backed with an incredible warranty. However, for now, imagine how much more you could do if you spent less money on KIA Sorento.


The Kia Sorento comes first in fuel economy, safety features, and pricing. The Ford Explorer is better at the engine, exterior, and interior designs. Of course, both SUVs make their owners happy.

We think the Kia has the upper hand in Kia Sorento vs Ford Explorer comparison; however, deciding on the overall winner is up to you. Which car is a better choice based on your budget and needs?


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