How to Improve S2000 Shifter + Some Tips and Tricks

When driving and shifting from 1 to 4 and sometimes 5 and 6 gears, some people say it's like a thump; they can't hear it, but it's more like a feel. It seems like some S2000 gear shifters take more force to get into gear properly; why is it like this? In this article, we discuss the problem and get a closer look at S2000 shifter specifications.

In this guide:

  • All About S2000 Gear Shifter

  • Greasing the S2000 Shifter

  • S2000 Shifter Maintenance Tips

  • Conclusion

All About S2000 Gear Shifter

The gear shifter allows the car to be put into different gears on a manual transmission. In an automatic transmission, the shifter is known as a gear selector. The gear shifter is regularly located between the two front seats of the car on a manual transmission.

The gear knob is the gear shifter's top and involves a shift pattern that controls the gear selection. The shift pattern shows how the gear shifter should be moved when selecting a particular gear in the car.

A manual gearbox is the kind of transmission that enables the driver to pick the gear by the gear shifter. It would help if you pushed the clutch pedal, which disengages the gearbox from the engine, moves the gear shifter into the right gear, and the clutch can be discharged.

An automatic gearbox does not require the driver to change gears manually; instead, the on-board computer makes the gear choice. The automatic gearboxes are attached to the engine by a torque converter, so they do not have a clutch.

One of the gear shifters for the manual transmission is the S2000 gear shifter. The S2000 shifter factory unit is, for the most part, sufficient for everything it was designed to do. Of course, it can improve upon in some areas for better performance.

This unit consists of a plastic material. Owners have sometimes reported that the bushing will deteriorate or crack over time because they are manufactured from plastic and responsible for many thousands of shifts over its lifetime.

As your mileage ticks up and this problem occurs, an increase in loose and imprecise shifts feels apparent. So the brass gear shifter bushing can be used as a tuning upgrade, maintenance, or preventative maintenance for better performance.

Experts studied various configurations on how to increase further shifting feedback when utilizing the shifter. Borrowing from the more commonly experienced upgrading suspension and engine mount bushings, they say increased stiffness in material offers improved and more specific feedback to the driver.

It starts by using the best quality materials and skilled machinists. Thoughtfully engineered through CAD, the design takes shape with a solid brass bar, precisely turned into its pivot bushing shape.

In the next stage, you can cut 12 relief slits to ensure the proper amount of stiffness is achieved for the ideal shift feel while maintaining the appropriate durability level. You then have each bushing glass beaded to deburr any sharp edges, allowing for smooth transitions.

The beading creates a uniform finish that improves the bushing's strength and integrity. Each bushing then gets a 6-hour operation in the tumbler to achieve its jewel-like finish.

S2000 Shifter

Greasing the S2000 Shifter

Greasing the gear shifter for a better shifting feel is recommended. Over time, the grease that oils the point where the shifter shafts become contaminated and dirty; thus, shifting is no longer smooth.

So if you decided to grease your S2000 shifter for better shifting, you need these:

  • Honda Urea Grease, Part Number: 8798-9002,

  • Plastic bushing aka Change Lever Ball, Part Number: 54110-S2A-003,

  • Car Garage Amis Shifter Collar,

  • Or OEM plastic collar, Part number: 54111-S2A-003.

You can replace the foam piece, too, the plastic ring that cuts in the rubber cover, and even the spring that releases the reverse lockout. Of course, this is optional. You can search the net for the exact part numbers for them.

If your car is getting old, and the plastic ball has seen lots of use, you can replace it with a new one too. Some JDM tuners make shifter collars, such as ARROWS, Seeker, and Stradale. The JDM option is made from metal as opposed to OEM plastic.

The "Change Lever Ball" basically a plastic bushing that the shift lever pivots on. If you noticed it was loose on your gear shifter and had a fair amount of play, you should tight it on the shift lever with no slack.

To replace the collar properly, pop it off, clean it up well, and liberally use the urea grease. It's best to do these at the same time. It may take some force, but with some patience, the plastic piece comes off.

Once the change lever ball is off, make sure to clean it to get rid of all the dirty grease and lubricate. Once the S2000 shifter is appropriately cleaned and lubricated with fresh Urea grease, try to pop on the new plastic piece.

Ensure to orient this in the right direction; the shifter should be bent facing the driver; you do not want this backward. You can lay on some more grease and reinstall the lever back into the transmission.

After reassembling the shift lever and torquing down all the bolts, it takes a few shifts to get everything settled. The latest metal Car Garage Amis shift collar makes a small difference in shifting feel, but additionally, upgrading the shift lever ball is a significant increase in shifting feel.

Improve S2000 Shifter

S2000 Shifter Maintenance Tips

Over time the grease on the shifter assembly becomes contaminated, dries out, and the plastic parts begin to wear down. Here we have some tips on how to maintain a gear shifter, so it works smoothly on the road:

  • If the shifter becomes notchy and sloppy, replace a few particular parts and a grease shifter. This way, you can get it back to sliding smoothly between gears and improve the driving feel.

  • The manual transmission has a genuine gear shifter bushing end, which is often worn out and causes a lack of shifting or unstable shifters. You can use a sew gear shifter bush and some grease so your shifter will feel as new again.

Here's a couple of additional hints in the process of greasing the S2000 shifter, as said above:

  • Once you get the white ring off, lift the rubber cap covering the three bolts, put the shifter into first gear, and remove the bottom first, then the top right. Then put the shifter into reverse gear and remove the top left bolt.

  • Putting the shifter in reverse will stay captured into the transmission to allow you to have an easier time taking the last bolt off. Once you've greased everything back up, insert the shifter back into the trans, it's keyed and only goes in one way. Put it into reverse to keep the shifter held down, and install all the bolts and everything else in reverse. Now you have a great shifter as it's the first day of gearing.

Greasing the S2000 shifter and any other gear shifters for a better shifting feel is necessary. It's because the grease becomes contaminated after a while. In this situation, gear shifting is not smooth anymore.


The gear shifter is an essential part of manual cars. It is located in the front, generally in front of the center console. If you notice any issues when shifting gears, it is crucial to take your car to a mechanic right away because it may be a safety problem.

If you feel like a thump when driving and shifting from 1 to 4, or your S2000 shifter takes more force to get into gear properly, it needs to fix. This article covers all you need to know about S2000 shifter specifications, including how to grease it properly for better performance and tips on maintaining gear shifters.


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