Shipping a Car From the U.S. to Nigeria: A Simple Guide

Shipping a Car to Nigeria

You purchase a car, and you're planning to ship it to Nigeria, but how? Shipping a vehicle to Nigeria has its own set of challenges. You must know every bit of the shipping process and requirements. This way, you avoid any problems when getting your car through customs in the US or Nigeria. If you need more information, this article is for you.

  • Different Ways for Shipping a Car to Nigeria

  • How Long to Ship a Car from the USA to Nigeria?

  • Forms and Payments of Shipping Cars

  • Laws and Requirements of Shipping

  • Shipping Insurance

  • Customs Clearance

Different Ways for Shipping a Car to Nigeria

Shipping a car to Nigeria or some other similar countries, you have two different options. You can choose based on your requirements:

  • the traditional method of container shipping,

  • or the Roll-On/Roll-Off method, also known as RoRo.

The container shipping method is more expensive but offers protection to the car when experiencing weather issues.

On the other hand, RoRo is the more popular method because it's more convenient and less expensive. But it requires the car to be operable to take on and off the cargo ramp, which can cause problems depending on the situation.

How Long to Ship a Car from the USA to Nigeria?

Nigerian used car market is full of imported vehicles; to be more precise, about 90 percent of used cars in Nigeria's market are imported cars. However, the market has endured an evil spell as the Nigerian government established to protect its domestic industry and introduced levies on used car imports from June 2015.

Some estimates show that imports to Nigeria are over half a million cars while others offer a more conservative figure of 200,000 every year.

But you wouldn't like to buy a car from your local dealer and would instead hit an online auction through a third-party company and get a cheap US vehicle?

This task is possible through companies like Auto Auction Mall that allow you to access any car auction you'd like.

So you've already set up your account, found your dream vehicle, and sealed the deal. What remains is shipping a car to Nigeria, and you are wondering how long it will take.

If you continue using Auto Auction Mall services, it streamlines the whole process. They put you in contact with brokers who will help you take the car, deliver it to a port, and ship it to the home, with all the paperwork ready for regulations.

There are two standard methods to ship your car to Nigeria. The Roll-On/Roll-Off shipping method requires your vehicle to move under its power. Container Shipping is a safer option as the vehicle will be enclosed in a container and shielded from the elements.

Six ports provide Roll-On/Roll-Off shipping method from the US to Nigeria:

  • Baltimore, Maryland;

  • Bayonne, New Jersey;

  • Galveston, Texas;

  • Jacksonville, Florida;

  • Portsmouth, Virginia;

  • Savannah, Georgia.

You can quickly ship your car in a container from Long Beach or Oakland in California, Miami, Florida, Houston, Texas, Savannah, Georgia, and Newark, New Jersey.

The vessels arrived at Tin Can Island, Lagos, and Apapa. This whole process, from payment to delivery, takes about eight weeks. Once the ship docks, you should handle all the import duties and other requirements before picking up the car.

Forms and Payments of Shipping Cars

The following are the documents you should have ready for shipping your car to Nigeria, Whichever method of transportation you decide to choose:

1. Title and registration,

2. Original purchase invoice,

3. Insurance papers,

4. Passport,

5. The make, model, and serial number,

6. Packing list; they want this for the Container shipping method,

7. Certificate of value and origin.

The forms and payments you should fill, depend on the shipping agency you decide to use. Most likely, your price will include the standard storage, documents, and loading fees.

Laws and Requirements of Shipping

You should know that laws for importing used cars to Nigeria can change at any given time. You need to check the regulations before arranging to ship a vehicle to be sure everything is covered.

These are your requirements to comply with when shipping your used car:

1. Proof for documentation (list of documents above),

2. Proof for paid tariffs,

3. The vehicle cannot surpass fifteen years from the manufacture date,

4. In the case of a local customs inspection, they can check the car.

Shipping Insurance

Any shipping agency will recommend that you have transit cargo insurance, also known as marine insurance. This insurance is to protect your shipment against any damage or loss incurred in transit.

You must check with your insurance company if your plan covers the shipping of the car. If not, you can arrange insurance coverage with your shipping agency.

The estimated cost for this is between 1.5 to 2.5 percent of your car's estimated value.

Customs Clearance

This step is the final one you should pass to get your car to Nigeria. Check laws and requirements regularly. These regulations may change at any given time by the two countries involved.

It would be best if you were prepared, so double-check all documents required to meet the standards regulated by Nigerian customs authorities. Now you're good to go! Take your new car, and enjoy it on roads in Nigeria.

Next Step

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