What is the Cheapest Car from Toyota

What is the cheapest car from the Toyota brand? Toyota has had a presence worldwide for over 60 years, offering various products to the people. This article covers the affordable Toyota models for the most majority of people. All prices in this article are based on US dollars. You can compare the prices and decide on what is the cheapest car from Toyota for you. Let's get to the Toyota cars.

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  • Toyota Avanza, a Mini MPV

  • Toyota Corolla Altis, a Classy Sedan

  • Toyota Hilux, What is the Cheapest Car from Toyota

  • Toyota Rush, a Ride for Excitement

  • Toyota Vios, Best-in-Class Features

  • Toyota Wigo, What is the Cheapest Car from Toyota

  • Toyota Yaris, a Sharp Styling

  • Conclusion

Many of us grew up with images of Toyota cars in our minds. Most Toyota cars we sat on during childhood can still be found in running conditions on streets. It's because of the reliability and ease of maintenance that Toyota's cars have garnered over the years.

They have one of the most comprehensive cars, comparing other vehicle manufacturers worldwide, spanning over 20 Toyota models in various costs. From sporty coupes to mini cars, Toyota has all bases covered. You'll be shocked to find that there's a lot of diversity here for a price point that's within easy reach.

For those looking for a car that fits their budget, Toyota has always had a product. This article will narrow down the cheapest and easiest to acquire vehicles in the Toyota family.

Toyota Avanza, a Mini MPV

Do you need to seat up to seven people and still work within a budget? The Toyota Avanza is a mini MPV that has enjoyed incredible popularity in its category, offering families practicality.

The Toyota Avanza keeps faith in what it was initially made for; a primary mover will pull people or load from point A to point B without any fuzz. It doesn't fancy itself as a sporty MPV or an economical family car. It's as straightforward as it can be, even with the added allure on its second facelift.

With the Avanza, you've got adaptability with 50:50 folding seats and vast cargo space, and safety with the addition of ISOFIX mounting points and regular ABS and twin airbags.

The Avanza is a daily commuter during the week and a family hauler on weekends. Its price starts from $15000 and goes all the way up to more than $27000 for fancier models.

Toyota Corolla Altis, a Classy Sedan

The Corolla Altis is still one of the most sought-after models of Toyota. Its 1.6-liter with a manual transmission is more than enough to carry some people, sit in traffic and go out of the city if need be.

It's an excellent car, with a nice interior and outstanding performance. Some say it's a pretty close competitor to Benz, Audi, and BMW cars. But mileage is the area where makes middle-class people think twice about Corolla Altis.

This compact sedan may not be the flashiest in its class, but it's a Toyota, one of its selling points. If you go for a higher price, you are greeted with more features. However, if you go for the top of the line model, you get a hybrid system that returns the best fuel economy totals we've seen on the highway, but that comes at a premium.

You ask what's the cheapest car from Toyota in the market? Well, for just about $20000, you can get Toyota's most recognizable and storied nameplate that caters to the market.

Toyota Hilux, What is the Cheapest Car from Toyota

The Toyota Hilux is a definite contender for a pickup of choice. Offering a broad array of engines to fit every budget, the Toyota Hilux can be ready to tackle cargo, a daily truck to take to work on a weekday or even good support for an off-road adventure.

The Toyota Hilux offers a smooth diesel engine, carries big loads comfortably, and tows very nicely. You can get it with a two-wheel drive or dual-range 4WD, and in 4WD trim, it's very well off-road. The Hilux comes in a wide variety of models.

Airbags and ABS are approved, while top models get new touch screen interfaces and gauges. With Hilux, you get a solidly built truck trusted over the world.

The Toyota Hilux starts at $18000 and goes to $38000 for the top of the line conquest trim. Either way, there is always a Toyota Hilux that will likely suit your budget.

Toyota Rush, a Ride for Excitement

One of the newest addition to the Toyota family, the Toyota Rush is a five or seven-seater MPV aiming to strengthen the hotly contested MPV portion. Maximizing trunk capacity for passengers or cargo, the Toyota Rush is also handsomely modern in its looks.

When it comes to safety, this vehicle performs well. In its 2018 crash safety testing, the small SUV could garner a score of 85.42 out of 100 for the ASEAN NCAP, giving it a five-star safety rating.

ABS, LED headlights, six airbags, ISOFIX mounting points, stability control, keyless entry with push-button start, and a reverse camera are some features of the package. It's an entirely modern MPV that throws all the right punches for its category.

The Toyota Rush has a model that starts at $20000. The next variant is about $21000. After that, the higher model goes for about $23000.

Toyota Vios, Best-in-Class Features

It's one of the longest-running subcompact sedans on the market today. The latest generation Toyota Vios elevates this category's standards by providing class-leading safety and a slew of new features, such as hill start assist and stability control on all trims.

The Toyota Vios is famous for its convenience, performance, and safety features by customers of various ages.

It suits the bill for those looking for a car that will last many years to come, and with the first model starting at $14000, there's a lot of value to be had from one of the most sought-after nameplates in the automotive industry.

The most expensive Vios comes with a big engine, and the price of that model goes all the way up to $22000, add an extra if you want it in a White Pearl color scheme. Regardless of what variant you go for in the list, the Vios is an excellent value suggestion.

Toyota Wigo, What is the Cheapest Car from Toyota

You ask what is the cheapest car from the Toyota line? You've found it! The Toyota Wigo is the best choice for those looking for their first car or a reliable car to serve as primary transportation. It's easy to drive through congested streets and is frugal at the gas pump.

It is practical, easy to drive, well-equipped, extremely reliable, safe, and, more importantly, competitively priced. This year, the cute Wigo is getting a facelift and hence more reasons for car buyers to fall for it. It's stylish. Maybe the most impressive feature of the new Wigo is its face.

This car's ABS and airbags are standard, so even at $12000 for the most basic price, you've got all the essential features covered and more. If you want more features, then this car goes for as much as $15000 for the top of the line TRD-S model.

Toyota Yaris, a Sharp Styling

The Toyota Yaris has always been a handsome and fun to drive subcompact hatchback that leans towards a more youthful and dynamic vibe.

Is the Toyota Yaris a Good Car? Yes, the Toyota Yaris is a right subcompact car. It is available in hatchback and sedan styles. It boasts a stylish cabin, decent seating space, and lots of standard features, including a 7-inch touch screen and forward-collision warning.

The latest generation Yaris has received a significant facelift and is more modern than ever, including a more stylish exterior, a redesigned interior with more comfort, and even more cargo space.

It's a handsome looking and well-equipped car that will appeal to a wide variety of buyers and can be had for as low as $18000. What is the cheapest car from Toyota brand? Well, Toyota Yaris could be one of them.


For those looking for their first car within a budget, Toyota has always had a product for everyone. This article will narrow down the easiest to acquire vehicles in the Toyota family. If you want to know what is the cheapest car from Toyota then read this article.


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